Parks Canada Monitoring Reports

J. Timmins, A. Forshner, and J. Whittington with Parks Canada’s Resource Conservation Unit have produced a 2013 Summary report as part of the program to monitor pika population trends and growth rates, which was initiated in 2011, in the Banff and Kootenay, Yoho, Lake Louise Field Units: Banff National Park Pika Monitoring 2013

Jesse Whittington & Anne Forshner with the Banff National Park Resource Conservation Unit analysed 5 years of songbird recording data from 135 sites in Banff National Park to produce a summary on songbird population trends: Summary of Songbird Trends in Banff National Park: 2007 to 2011

Greg Horne with Parks Canada in Jasper reviewed what currently is known about bats in Banff National Park.  Based on this information he compiled a status report for 2013. Status of Bats in Banff

Report from the Field – 2011 was produced by Parks Canada’s Resource Conservation section in the Banff Field Unit.  It is the first in what we hope will be an annual series of reports.

Banff National Park is faced with many challenges if it is to serve its primary mandate to maintain and restore ecological integrity.  But the necessary management actions must be based on a foundation of knowledge and understanding of the ecosystem.  This document is intended to highlight some current efforts to advance that cause and to inform the public not only about the work being done but what is being learned from that work.

Report from the Field (English) 2012
Report from the Field (English) 2011
Report from the Field (French) 2011

Based on many multi-species snow-tracking surveys conducted this past winter, Parks Canada has produced a report on monitoring wolverine, lynx, and other wildlife.  You can find this 2012 report and a 2 page summary here:

Multi-species report
Multi-species report summary

In 2011 Parks Canada conducted a pilot study to examine the feasibility of monitoring pika population trends and growth. The Parks Canada report of this study is available here:

Pika Monitoring Study – Parks Canada 2013

2014 Report from the Field – Pikas JT